A word from our President.

Company overview

Overview of TECHPORT.

Major Achievements

What we have developed so far.

Smart Factory “Factory Solution that Connects”

Inventory management system

Management of orders received, orders, receipt/delivery of goods and registration of inventory etc. are all standard features that are included.
This alone has the versatility of being used in any industry from wholesale/retail to manufacturing.
You can improve cashflow by maintaining appropriate inventory and reducing excess stock.

Rental system

This system can be used to manage various rental goods.
Collectively controls everything from renting to return of goods. All you need to do is to read the QR code using a handy terminal.
You can easily check bookings.
※The handy terminal is optional.

Equipment maintenance system

Protects your factory from various risks with the use of a cloud type equipment maintenance system.

  • Have everything under control with a maintenance calendar
  • Reduce equipment breakdown and cost
  • Increase productivity by eliminating waste
  • Collective management of numerous factories
  • Supports multiple languages